Big Boss
Ice Cream Maker

Enjoy fresh tasting homemade ice cream & favorite frozen dessert!

Product Overview

Make delicious hard ice cream or healthy frozen dessert with fresh fruits, right at home. As if in an ice cream parlor, this automatic Big Boss™ Ice Cream Maker lets you add any flavoring you like. Great for kids and adults, including the calorie conscious.



  • Makes fresh ice cream, frozen yogurt, sherbet, sorbet, and frozen drinks
  • Add your favorite ingredients: chocolate chips, nuts, crumbled cookies, crushed peppermint candies and freshly pureed fruits, etc.
  • For rich and creamy dessert, use heavy cream or whole milk
  • For lower-fat recipes, substitute with lower-fat milk, according to your preferred texture and taste
  • Easy-lock lid is transparent to let you check the freezing process
  • Mixing arm mixes and aerates ingredients in freezer bowl
  • Cord can easily be stored inside the base when not in use

Customer Reviews

bought this juicer for my mom. she uses it regularly and hasn't really complained about it except maybe once and that's why i'm not giving it 5 stars. i guess it works but not perfectly. i think if i remembered correctly, there were some things she wasn't able to juice that you're suppose to be able to juice in a juicer like this. i dont remember what fruits/veges those were but she does use beets alot that's for sure. and the fact she still uses it and it hasn't broke down means it must be good for something.

By 357Magnum

Good product, but why on earth mine came with FRENCH only instruction manuals, etc, is beyond me! Anyhow, this will get you what you need, but I ultimately purchased a complete Ninja system recently and have to say I love the Ninja...

By tyjames

Product works great and does exactly what it's suppose to do. It appears to be well constructed and I am very pleased with it.

By G. Beal

 I really do like the Big Boss Juicer. It is very similar to the one other family members have but not as pricey. It is very easy to clean and the motor and grinding mechanism is powerful. My only negative is that the switch for turning it on is on the left side of the unit and as a right handed person, I have to use the left for operation. Other than that I do like it and am glad I bought it.

By Kalole